Dovetail NYC

I took a look at the price fixe but then on the same side of the menu was their summer tasting menu…with wine pairing…I couldn’t resist.

– Some palate cleanser and a piece cheddar cheese corn bread
– Avocado salad paired with an austrian wine (sort of a crisp acidic Reisling)
– Poached egg in a sauce of bacon and oyster mushrooms paired with a Sauvignon Blanc
– Rainbow trout paired with a white burgundy
– Duck paired with a Pinot noir (good but not the best duck I’ve had)
– Coffee ice cream with butter pecans paired with Pedro Jimenez sherry (yum) and an outstanding cup of coffee

Daniella ordered chicken and it was probably the best cooked/roasted piece of chicken I’ve ever tasted.

All was outstanding, especially this thing they do with the dark meat of the duck, it gets rolled in like tagliatelle and had just the richest (almost too rich) sauce. The restaurant is really nice and the service outstanding. Also, I learned that the perfect wine pairing for a bacon egg and cheese would be Sauvignon Blanc.

– Review by Mr. Andrew Meranus

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