The Food, Wine and Alcohol Trifecta

Tired of the same meal, wine and drinks? Yeah everyone has their favorite “go to” meal, cheap bottle of wine and preferred cocktail at the bar. Nobody likes change. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it, right?

Well the time has come. Summer is in sight and I recently set out on a conquest to find some new recipes, wines, drinks and restaurants. On the wine and drink side, I’ve written about a few of them in some earlier articles such as 12 Wines for $12, The Spirit and The 6 Rules of BYOB. Thanks again to Snooth and The along with a newcomer Groomstars for my Luca Cork Screw and miscellaneous barware I got from a friend’s wedding, I’ve introduced myself to some new bottles, wine knowledge and drinks.

Now with the right drinks, I’ve set my sites on some recipes and restaurants for the next few months. From the people who brought us Snooth and The Spirit, we now get What’s Cookin, a great resource for anyone who loves food, including recipes, techniques, entertaining tips and more. Another great site is Legally Hungry – a blog written by a friend who shares a similar tastes when it comes to food, wine and restaurants. Check both of them out when you get a chance.

Lastly, while I haven’t been to many (notable) restaurants recently, I have to give credit to Cascabel Taqueria located on 80th and 2nd. The food is top notch and won’t burn a whole in your pocket. Recommendations include the Pescado (Fish), Camaron (Shrimp) & Pollo (Chicken) Tacos, each of which have the perfect portion and spice to condiment ratio. Other notable menu items include the Cangrejo y Maiz Frito (blue crab, corn, fresh salsa & piquillo pepper aioli) and the guacamole. Their delivery is also pretty quick.

Have a restaurant, wine or drink recommendation? Send an email to Never Ending Hunger with your recommendation(s) and we’ll have it posted.

Cascabel Taqueria on Urbanspoon

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